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Greetings readers!

Instead of a full-length article this week, we have our second discussion thread. The first one - about your best and worst investments - gave me some great investment ideas, but this time around, I’m looking for inspiration.

I know that this community is an active and well-informed one, with many members even writing newsletters of their own. But the question for this week is…

Which other finance writers do you follow? ✍️

Which newsletters give you the best investing advice and strategies? 📖

Comment in the discussion below about a blog or newsletter that you think your fellow investors and traders absolutely must check out. If you write a good one yourself, be sure to let us know!

I’ll go first - Here are some good reads that I recommend.


Ecoinometrics (Premium): If you like the charts I make, you are going to love Ecoinometrics. They present long-term perspective about how digital assets are shaping financial markets with the help of really interesting infographics. To buy or not to buy was an excellent article about what is the right time to buy into a Bitcoin dip. The chart below showcases their ability in data visualization and breaking down complex ideas!

Jack Raines: Jack has a great newsletter where he writes about finance, investing psychology, and his backpacking experience through Europe. The fun thing is you never know what the next article is going to be. Two of my favorites are Rich in Experiences, Sufficient in Finances where he argues that we should be optimizing our lives for experiences instead of money, and House Money where he deep-dives into why we take much more risk with unrealized gains than our capital.

Doomberg (Premium): As the name suggests, they are all about bad news that is backed up by solid logic. Even more than their content, I love their monthly wrap-ups where they showcase how they are building a brand from the ground up and compare themselves to some amazing content creators. Their piece on an imminent short squeeze on European Carbon Credits is worth a read. One of their readers summed up the feeling you get after reading Doomberg perfectly.

The stuff you don’t know you don’t know keeps shrinking

Strange Loop Canon: Rohit Krishnan’s substack is a unique one, combining ideas from fields as diverse as Venture Capital and Renaissance Italy in his sprawling pieces. If you’re looking for novel ideas and unique insights that most people don’t hear about, this is the place to go.

Breaking the Market: This is one of my favorite blogs, written by Matt Hollerbach. Matt dives deep into the topics of Geometric Rebalancing and portfolio allocation. Matt also manages a portfolio and open-sources his portfolio performance. It’s a great learning resource!


Of Dollars And Data: Nick Maggiuli is one of the most insightful and interesting writers in the personal finance space today. He has the unique ability to present the data in a clear manner, while not making it sensational or clickbaity. He usually writes about investing, risk, and long-term wealth creation. My favorite articles of his are: What Risk isn’t and Even God couldn’t beat Dollar Cost Averaging.

Moontower Meta: Kris Abdelmessih writes on money and volatility, and his background in options trading gives him an edge. His article on why investing feels like astrology was one of the most fun and informative pieces I read last year. His wikis and learning resources are also super useful for beginners and pros alike!

Mr. Money Mustache: This is a fantastic witty blog by Pete Adeney who retired at 30 by making some smart financial decisions. His “Work is better when you don’t need the money” is something I related very much to! Here is an excellent video where he explains how and why he did it.

Twitter accounts

Sahil Bloom: If you think Twitter has run out of meaningful binge-worthy content, you haven’t seen Sahil’s feed yet. His threads break down complex concepts in finance, investing, mental models, decision-making, and more in easy-to-consume bytes. This thread on the most powerful ideas in life is a great place to start.

10-k Diver: A Twitter account you should definitely follow if you want to get smarter and more financially savvy. 10-k Diver takes investing and finance concepts and breaks them down into long and interesting threads. There's very little bias - From Charlie Munger to Ed Thorp, Kelly criterion to Retained earnings, he covers it all.

Now it’s your turn - Let me know your favorite writers in the comments below!

I’ll be back with an analysis this weekend. Until then…