What was your best and worst investment?

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Greetings readers! This week we are trying something new with our first discussion thread. 😁

If you have been investing in the market for a while, you would have seen both ups as well as downs, like me. So tell me,

What was your best investment/trade? 📈

What was your worst investment/trade? 📉

What did you learn from your experience? 🤔

Join your fellow investors and traders in the discussion below. If it’s interesting, I might do a deep-dive into your strategy to see how and why it works!

Another announcement: It’s holiday season 🧑‍🎄, and I’m taking a break from the newsletter for the first time since March! I will still be responding to your comments on Substack and Twitter, but there won’t be a full-length article for some time… I have some special articles planned for when I return, so stay tuned! 🙌